You, do you because you are a Unique Effing Snowflake!
No one is you. That is your power.

You, Do You.

Because You are a Beautiful and Unique Effing Snowflake!

August 9, 2017

Many people love to admire celebrities. Those flawless, put together, gorgeous men and women on the runways or red carpet events. Whether they are singers, movie stars or models, we love to stalk them through magazines, newspapers and blogs (and for some – their driveways, limos and backstreet alleyways). We read everything we can about them and covet every photo. Age depending, we may even have pictures of them on our walls.


Of course the real life of the celebrity is anything but what we see. Most of the time, there are countless hours, planning, techniques, strategy and preparation that goes into that perfect moment when that photo was taken. And if not, there is a lot of post-production to consider.

But, we might deny all that and instead believe that the life of a celebrity is glamorous and that the person in question is a perfect human being.

That’s the thing about social media and media in general. It portrays the appeal of a moment in someone’s life. Not their life. They don’t look that way every day or go to those fancy parties every night.

On a smaller scale, we see fashion bloggers or travel bloggers and we follow them online to see what they’re wearing, how they’re wearing it or where they are. They seem to be living life to the full in stylish clothes and gorgeous destinations, but in reality, that shot you see of them, probably took hours and even days to perfect. If that’s not your job, if you’re not getting paid for that… who’s got the time?

Beyonce 2.0

At some point though, we realise that as much as we dream of being these people…well… that’s just never going to happen. I hate to crush your grown-ass teenage dreams, but sometimes we need a reality check, and girl, this is it. You will never be someone else, no matter how much you try to be.

Not even if you wear the same clothes, talk the same way, go to the same places and hang around the same people. But before you start a hater-campaign against me, let me tell you something… that’s actually a good thing.

Because no one wants another Beyonce. (OK, bad example. Of course we want another Beyonce, but if another Beyonce did exist or dare I say Beyonce 2.0, it would most likely trigger the apocalypse and no one wants that). We could mimic others in creepy Single White Female style, but aside from being super disturbing, hella exhausting and probably illegal, we would be wasting our uniqueness.

Each one of us is unique. Only we can offer the things we do, the way we do it. Only we can think the way we do and have the ideas that we do.

Each one of us have had different upbringings, have different families, different genetics, different environmental influences, different social groups, are in different geographical locations, have had different experiences, different relationships and support structures, different education, different hardships, failures and misfortunes. And did I mention, that we’re all different?

We’ve each been affected differently by seemingly similar events. There is not one other person in this world that is exactly like you.

That is your power.

Your Unique Power in Business

So, don’t be discouraged by what others are doing, especially if it’s the same as what you want to do. People think that they can’t start a particular business or make their ideas happen, because someone has already done it or is doing it. Well, I’ve got news for you. There’s probably no such thing as an original thought these days. Sad, but true.

It’s true, what you’re attempting to do or would like to do, someone has probably already thought of, at some stage. There are even people out there right now who are possibly making money with the same idea. But that’s fine.

Let them do it their way. Let them do them. You, on the other hand, can offer something unique. The unique thing is you. Use it. They may have had the same idea, but there’s a good chance that they won’t execute that idea the exact same way.

This is a huge benefit that you should capitalise on. Whether you want to create a new product, start a service that already exists in your area or start a blog with the same theme as what’s already out there, you will be approaching it in a different way.

There’s no chance that it will be exactly the same. You are your power. Your thoughts, your ideas, your connections to people, maybe even your location, your following or your position of action. Even if you aren’t your brand, you still have a uniqueness to offer.

Just like no two people are the same, no two businesses are the same. You could follow someone’s strategy and make the same decisions, but what worked for them, may not work for you.

Maybe the time they did it, the economy they did it in, the location they started or the people that helped them, made their business what it was. The stars will never align the same for yours, so to speak. So don’t be disappointed that things aren’t exactly the same.

Use your uniqueness and your unique circumstances to make the business and your life even better.

Here’s some food for thought… whether you have a business or a blog or not, you are a brand. How you dress, how you speak, what you do and how you present yourself to the world, is your brand. Whether you choose to market that brand, is up to you, but your uniqueness is part of your brand appeal. How awesome is that!

Be You. Be All You.

We all have things we wish we could change about ourselves, that are beyond our control. I wish I knew what I know now, at a younger age. I wish I didn’t have age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite. I wish I had more to show for the life I have lived or was a lot further along the path that I want to be on.

I may not be able to change any of that, but I can accept who I am.

Don’t be afraid to show your scars; your past failures, your experiences and your flaws. They are your battle-scars of a life well lived. They show that you were brave enough to take chances. That you learnt something. That you are different.

Wear them like badges of honour. Be proud of what has happened to you because it has made you who you are today. No one can take that away from you. No one can be you. Be authentic. Be unique. Own your power.

Your power is that you are not ‘perfect’. That you are not someone else. That you are not a cookie-cutter person. That you have your own life to live, your own path to forge and you have full control over all of it or how you react to it. Forget what Brad told you in Fight Club, you are a beautiful and unique snowflake!

Turn your fears and failures into strengths. You do you. When you’re confident in who you are, people can’t help but admire and respect the hell out of you.

So don’t try to be like everyone else, or someone else in particular. Because the world would miss having a ‘you’ in it. You, Do You You, Do You

Megan is your resident Moxie woman, in progress. She spends her time building her empire, travelling the world, and likes to empower women like you to be awesome, creative moxie mofos and to live their best, fiercest, badass lives with her no-bullshit, tough love, Made of Moxie blog.

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