Time Equals Life
The trouble is
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Time of Your Life

Are You Having It?

September 4, 2017

We’re too much in a rush these days. There’s no time. We want things now or yesterday. We are competing against other people, other businesses, and don’t have any patience for results. We rush through every experience, anticipating the next one. We forget to stop every now and then and smell the roses. We forget to live in the moment.

We forget to look at the big picture and realise that it’s time that is more valuable than anything and yet we’re losing it every second, every minute, every day.

The Precious

Time is precious and because we can’t see it, buy or sell it, we don’t value it as much. Yet, we’re trading with it everyday.

We trade it for working overtime over spending time with our family, for oversleeping over making memories with your kids or pets, for watching tv over connecting with other people, for getting drunk, self medicating or doing drugs over dealing with reality. We’re sacrificing life experiences for daily routines.

We have a finite amount, some less than others, and yet we’re gambling with it. We’re wasting it.

We’re wasting time in relationships that make us unhappy. We’re wasting time In jobs that we hate. We go to the same places, eat the same food and talk to the same people about the same stuff. We stay safe in familiarity, in comfort and security but we’re not living.

We’re wasting our years away in fear.

What’s Your Time (Life) Worth?

What if I told you, that you only had 5 more years to live? Would you still spend it the same way? Would you still treat your friends and family the same? Would you still treat yourself the same?

I don’t claim to know the meaning of life, but I’m pretty sure, we weren’t put on this earth to just pay bills and die. I’m fairly certain we weren’t put on this amazing planet, to only live in a small patch of earth and not see any of it.

I’m somewhat convinced we aren’t destined to accumulate things and keep them in giant boxes that we then define ourselves by. I’m rather assured we aren’t here to play some game where we try to accumulate the most wealth.

I’m reasonably confident we aren’t here to make our lives miserable or other people’s lives miserable. What would be the point of that?

That sounds sad, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s what many of us are doing with our precious time.

Surely we’re here for more than that. Surely we’re here to experience this amazing world and to live life to the full, to be happy doing what we love, seeing and experiencing all we can, connecting with each other and helping each other feel better, do better, be better, along the way.

Doesn’t that make more sense? Isn’t that a better purpose to life?

Plan for Tomorrow

But wait, don’t misunderstand me. There’s making the most out of each day, and then there’s living day to day. While it may help to think that death could be around the corner, that doesn’t mean you should not think about tomorrow or your plans for the future and those that depend on you.

I’m not saying go out there and spend your full paycheck on skydiving lessons and then not have enough money to be able to feed yourself or your family during the week. Sure you’re living to the full, but you’re irresponsibly hurting others and yourself in the process. Don’t be one of those people who sponges off others either.

Set yourself up. Make your own money doing something that you love. Be independent. Then do all those things you’ve always wanted to do.

Till you get there, make the most of where you are, who you’re with and what you have. Work on yourself, your life, your relationships, your goals, your future. Make plans and do what you can to reach them.

Live Now

There’s a certain degree of patience necessary to reach long-term goals, but you’ve got a lot of life to live, where you’re at now. Don’t sacrifice your life now, and put off living for the future. Live now, here.

Make moments, make memories. Life is the journey, not the destination. You may not be where you aspire to be, right now, but that’s still precious, valuable time you shouldn’t waste. Balance working for your future, with living in the now and you’ll be making your limited time count.

Steve Jobs asked himself the same question every morning when he looked into the mirror, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?” If the answer to that question was no, too many days in a row, then he knew he had to change something.

This is something we should incorporate into our daily lives, to prevent wasting time on the unnecessary. Make this a morning ritual and you’ll be keeping yourself on target to living your best life. Time Equals Life Time Equals Life

Megan is your resident Moxie woman, in progress. She spends her time building her empire, travelling the world, and likes to empower women like you to be awesome, creative moxie mofos and to live their best, fiercest, badass lives with her no-bullshit, tough love, Made of Moxie blog.

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