Made of moxie is an empowerment blog for women.

It’s about finding out what you really want in life and going after it with everything you’ve got.

It’s about discovering and knowing yourself wholeheartedly, completely, deeply and having the courage to live true to yourself.

It’s about making your own rules. Making your own way. No apologies.

It’s about rolling with the punches of whatever life throws at you, dusting yourself off and saying “is that all you got?”

It’s about having a full and solid belief in yourself and your goals, that would make anyone afraid to mess with you.

It’s about taking control of your destiny. And making it your bitch.

Here’s why you need this…

Because life’s not perfect. And when it’s not, we struggle. We give up. We cry. We retreat. We eat copious amounts of cookie dough ice-cream. We batten down the hatches. We settle. We surrender. We start wearing sweat pants in public and listening to Lana Del Rey. But you know what?

Life is too short to live like that.

Life is too short to be killing yourself in a dead-end job you hate. It’s too short to live with regret for the things that you wanted to do, but never had the guts to. It’s too short to be living with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself. It’s too short to be wasting it by living in the past, living stressed and holding on to fear, doubt and pain. It’s too short and unrealistic to try to control every bit of it as well as the lives of those around you. It’s too short to compare yourself to others and to try to be someone you’re not.

I want more than that for you, dear reader. It’s time to shake all that off and get some moxie. Like the 90’s black leather biker jacket… It’s time for your comeback.

This blog was created to empower you. To inspire you. To help you pass the time while you’re waiting in line at the bank. To enlighten you. I hope you enjoy the journey to your new bad-ass self and your awesome new life…or at least have fun trying.


Moxie definition: force of character, determination, boldness, fortitude or nerve. The ability to face difficulty with spirit, grit, guts, mettle, pluck, verve, prowess, courage, sass, spunk and attitude.




profile picSo, your inspirational sage to and through your new journey is moi, Megan, founder, writer and bold-ambassador for M.o.M., hailing from Perth, Australia.

On the “wrong side” of 35 and with nothing but a gun-ho attitude, a creative propensity, the need to diy everything fyi, a penchant for mac & cheese and a love of travel, I pursue my own dream journey of living a location independent lifestyle with my bf, fellow entrepreneur, creative and partner-in-crime, Lee.

Sounds like I’ve got my shit together huh? Well, not even close. Hence the journey bit. But life is certainly a lot more rosy, hopeful and clear-set these days than it used to be.

After graduating from a BSc in Computer Science and a Masters degree in eCommerce from Curtin uni, I went travel-working. It’s a thing. I lived in 9 different cities and travelled to 21 different countries, most of them unaccompanied, except for my baggage (physical and metaphorical [sigh]). I worked the hard graft as a hotel receptionist, a document controller, a website designer, a website developer, a marketing manager, a poker grifter and a research compiler, but never felt fulfilled.

One night, while out in an Irish pub enjoying a few snakebites, in my then home town of Edinburgh Scotland, I chanced upon a cheery, suave and sincere kindred spirit, Lee, on a stag weekend up from Manchester England. Little did I know that this encounter would change both our lives, forever. With the same values and love for martial arts movies, design, salted fries and old school hip-hop, we embarked on our new lives, together.

Although I had been living what can only be described as a corporate gypsy life thus far, I longed for the freedom of adventure and life experience that only a self-made business could abide. So in 2010, I gave up the rat race, the working for the man, the 9 to 5 gig and started my own journey to full-life living and dream fulfilment. Armed with a laptop and a head full of ambition, I went from living in shared rooms, on friend’s couches and 20-bed hostels to penthouse apartments, golf-course villas and beach-front chalets on remote islands.

In 2016, I finally got my head out of my… assumptions and created Made of Moxie to impart my self-attained knowledge and experience to women who want more fulfillment, fun and fortune in their lives.

If this is you… Welcome to Made of Moxie.




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